my name is Kara.

i like arctic monkeys, zooey deschanel, photographs and a thousand other things.

and this is the inside of my head.



Future Kara if you are reading this, you are on Tumblr… not doing Performing Arts work that you really need to do. GO DO YOUR WORK, and then get yourself a biscuit, you deserve one. 
With Love,
Past Kara 

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my results…

sharing cuz i’m buzzing me tits off.. 

maths A*

english A

science A

additional science A

drama A

expressive arts A*

business distinction* (4A*’s)

IT distinction

RE 2xA


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i love your smile, your eyes, your hair, your smell and even your clothes.

in other news, business a level exam went remarkablely well i thought today:-) must have been the sweets.. put me in a really good mood which is always good. i really couldn’t care less about my english mock, it was stupid anyway but i got to write about Up in it and i love that film so its all good. RE tomorrow which sucks, but it’ll just be common sense so i should be ok, despite having very little common sense but you know.  also, i mentally am fine now. i heard something today that was said purposefully to wind me up and i didn’t react on the outside and on the inside- i just was pissed off at the fact it was delaying my valueable revision time. but yeah, the things that would have torn me apart surprisingly enough didn’t today. maybe i am finally over you? hopefully. i mean i know i was just a shitty little rebound to you, but still the fact after all these years that you don’t bother me anymore…thats just fantastic. i mean, this feeling might not stick around but i bloody well hope it does. i feel happy. (which is a first, jk but its a rare occasion when i can say i’m happy and actually mean it) :3 and now the sun is shining, my family and friends are awesome, my hair is growing, prom’s coming up, i leave school soon, theres a dance trip next month and i go away to spain (i think) in less than two months. so yeh, year of the munro is actually working out:D 

this was only supposed to be a little post about the simpsons but i just wanted to share my day with everybody :-)

going to properly buy my prom dress tomorrow and have found all my bag, hair and jewellery stuff tonight.. AHHH EXCITED!!!

the more i think about it, the more i like the thought of you and i. 

i like re-reading texts from when everything was happy when you’re in a bad mood, cheers me up so much..

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making all your decisions by asking a magic eight ball, because everything you seem to do is wrong.

while i’m waiting for like 37 minutes for my birthday, i’m going to write a list of what i’m excited for this year: (probably going to keep this updated)

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to be honest, it was time i let go anyway and this is exactly what i need. time to stop being selfish and jealous, get on with my own life and keep my head held high then maybe i can start letting other people into my life and allowing myself to be happy again. :-)